In order to actively promote and participate in the industry-academia collaboration business, National Yang-Ming University integrated the resources of the Technology Transfer Center and the Innovation and Incubation Center, and established the Business Center of Industry-Academia Liaison (BCIAL) in 2011. The main tasks for BCIAL are to expand the power of the industry-academia interaction, and to provide the value-added services fostering the industrial development.


NYMU-BCIAL mainly focuses on bridging the 3 outstanding fields including high-valued innovative medical devices, artificial intelligence for medical application, and new drug development for commercialization. NYMU-BCIAL has integrated and coordinated the internal and external research capabilities and resources, to establish 5 platforms: (1) The biomedical partner network (2) The accreditation testing service (3) The international clinical-test service (4) The intellectual property, tech transfer and innovation service (5) The healthcare industry globalization promotion.


These platforms assist to create biotechnology clusters, integrate clinical testing resource, and promote the Taiwan biotechnology to global market. Through providing consultations for product/ technical development, accreditation testing, and international market promotion to strengthen Taiwan biomedical industrial competition power.